Preventing obesity in children

One of the main health issues with children is obesity. Almost 15 percent of children around the globe are suffering from this disease. There are many reasons for child obesity; one is poor eating habits. These days, children are getting less of nutritional food and more of fatty foods. They tend to shy away from fresh fruits, vegetables, and whole grains and are attracted more towards foods that are high in fats and additive sugars.

Another reason is that they are physically less active. This is mostly because of much exposure to television and online games. Children forget to have their physical activities or playing physical games like cricket, volleyball, basketball and are more hooked towards their television screens or computer monitors for their satisfaction of game play. These lacks of physical exercises and more of sitting games, make these children more obese. The following methods can be useful in preventing obesity in children.

Good parentingfamily

Parents are the responsible people who should inculcate good eating habits since the initial stages of their children’s lives by making them understand what good and healthy foods are. Parents should make it clear what the importance of having a balanced diet is, educate them to be more active with intake of fresh fruits and vegetable juices. Parents should also teach their children the correct way of being responsible and looking after what they consume themselves.

Lifestyle changes

Medical doctors especially recommend this. Healthy changes in eating healthy foods, going through exercises and looking into weight loss programs are good ways of preventing obesity in children.

Give children an active role

There are many international and national programs for obesity control. Both parents and their children are welcomed to participate and know about the various methods and strategies to control obesity and live a healthy life. Parents can include their children in more of physical activities; they can also incorporate them in the preparation of food in the kitchen so that they start knowing what food is right or wrong for them. Avoiding high sugary and fatty foods and including more of fresh fruits and vegetable juices is the first step towards preventing obesity.

Encourage outdoor activity with other children

Allow the child to go out andokdodfvodfvodfovodfkvodkfovkdofkvodkfvdofovdkfvdf play with friends. Instead of letting the kid play the computer or watch television the whole day, let him go out and explore his or her surroundings. This is also a good way for the child to socialize and gain new friends. This also teaches children how to socialize and how to interact with different kinds of people. This will help develop their interpersonal skills which will be useful as they grow up.