Ways to treat ringworm


Ringworm is a skin disease that is caused by fungal infection. It is a red patch on the skin, a ring-like rush that occurs mostly scalp, groin, nails and the top layer of the skin. Most people think that when they have ringworm they have worms. It is never caused by worms. It might happen that other rashes may look like ringworm it is until you consult your doctor to make sure that you are treating the right disease. the infection on Scalp mostly affects children and it can spread in many ways. Here are some of the ways to treat.

Use of anti fungal

Anti fungal is a form of a cream that is used to apply on and is available in most drug store. It is a self-treatment disease. Purchase this anti fungal lotion or powder -cream over the counter. apply and allow absorption to take place and within no time the healing will take place. When a ringworm develops on the scalp that leads to severe itching and hair loss. The over-the-counter anti fungal shampoo will do for this case. the oral medication stops inflammation and helps In killing bacteria and fungus. Also, take a prescription anti fungal.

Observe cleanliness

2Wash your bedding on a daily basis. Ringworm is contagious therefore it is health wise to use clean bedsheets that prevent the infection from spreading. If you consistently use your dirty bedding the chances of a ringworm getting heal is low. Hot water and anti fungal detergents are recommended for washing the infected clothes. Change wet socks and underwear. Bacteria multiply easily in wet areas. Ensure that these clothes are dry before wearing them.

Look for specialist

Some skin is sensitive and you may have a complicated infection. This will call for the attention of a skin specialist and also an advice from dermatology for ringworm. For a child, you may require pediatricians. Look for a family medical doctor Depending on the age. According to research, it indicates that most ringworm is particularly most common in children. Since it is contagious, it spread among many children in schools

Avoid sharing and direct contact

Direct contact with an infected individual will directly spread the disease. Since it is a contagious disease that can be passed from one person to another, it is dangerous to allow that direct contact. Stay away from sharing personal items like combs, brushes among others and also other social places like pools services, communal showers, athletic facilities, may allow the spread of the disease. Moist warm areas are a favorable condition for fungi to spread. Any contact with a contaminated surface may cause ringworm infection.


3The disease may also affect most domestic animals like pets, dog, cat, and therefore it is advisable to be keen because it can transmit the disease to human beings. Treat them too with care. The above treatments will allow you come out of this itchy scaly and irritating disease. Keep ringworm from spreading and enjoy a healthy life together with your children. You will achieve a successful treatment if you consider the above remedies for treatment.